Training With Industry:  Still the Perfect Foundation for People Development – 75 Years and Counting

Presented By:

Roger Bilas

Session Abstract:

With dozens of different programs available, we’ve all struggled with selecting the development or improvement methodology for our organizations.  Training With Industry is a program to implement before you make that choice.  Because TWI provides skill development in leading, instructing and improving processes, it becomes the foundation for all other programs.  TWI will give the skills to create positive foundations for good human relations and a systematic process of handling problems that do arise (Job Relations Program).  The Job Instruction Program can build skill in leaders in capturing and training their people on the one best way to do a task.  And Job Methods gives them the ability  In this session we’ll give you an overview of the TWI J-Programs and why they are still valid all these years later in view of the cognitive learning research efforts of the last 20 years.  We’ll provide a hands-on demonstration of one of the programs, Job Instruction, so you can understand how the programs work and throughout the session we will build a project charter for you take back to your own organization to drive improvement.

Learning Objectives: 

In this session you will learn …

  • A general understanding the TWI Program and its subcomponents and how they provide integrated support for further people development.
  • An insight into how the cognitive learning science or brain science supports the TWI J-Programs and how it can build on those programs for further gains.
  • The ability to apply the programs to an issue or opportunity for immediate performance improvement.

About the Facilitator:

Roger Bilas is President of the training and consulting firm, The Bilas Group, LLC (, and founder of The Basic Leader Skills Academy (  His consulting practice focuses on delivering bottom-line results through process and performance improvement and leadership development utilizing the multiple continuous improvement and organization development methodologies.  Prior to launching his own firm, Roger held numerous leadership and staff positions in the private sector where he was able to hone his transformational change leadership skills in preparation for starting his own consulting practice.  As a consultant, he has worked in numerous sectors – process and discrete manufacturing, aerospace, oil and gas, healthcare, banking, and higher education – being able to take the lessons learned in one sector and apply them in new areas.  The methodologies employed for improvement include lean thinking and principles, business process redesign, total quality management, leadership and organization development, and Training Within Industry (TWI).  His current focus is on applying the TWI J-Programs not only for improved performance, but as the foundation for all leadership development and continuous improvement efforts in an organization.