Information as Currency

Presented By:

Rhonda Morrison

Session Abstract:

Lean leaders know one indicator of a healthy Lean Culture is the open sharing of information.  In dysfunctional cultures information is the currency of the underground systems that exist to actually make things work.   Information is seen as a source of power or security to be hoarded, bartered, and even counterfeited in situations where people feel they have little input or control.   Recognizing how and where this system operates and in your organization is an important part of the culture change you will experience as Lean becomes the way you run your business.

Learning Objectives: 

In this session you will learn …

  • How to recognize where information is being used as currency
  • Some reasons why this system exists
  • How healthy Lean Culture addresses this specific issue
  • Some key considerations as you start to share information more widely

About the Facilitator:

Rhonda Morrison formerly the Director of Continuous Improvement and most recently the of Director of Operations for Nicholson Manufacturing, a successful manufacturer of Logging and Sawmill Equipment in British Columbia, Canada. Rhonda’s background is in Operations and Supply Chain and she has 15 years of experience practicing and leading Lean.