We’ve all seen what it looks like when the wrong people are in the wrong jobs. It’s expensive for your organization. It’s a burden on your existing work teams. It’s a strain on the employee who belongs in a different role or at a different company.

But when you get the right people in the right jobs at the right time, it’s transformational for your company. These people stay at your company, contribute to its culture and succeed in their jobs.

This is the result of a fully optimized hiring process. To keep growing your company, you need to step up your game at recruiting, selecting and on-boarding employees to bring in the talent that you need. The talent that fits your unique culture. The talent that stays at your organization. The talent that has the exact skills you need.

Of course, you’re probably thinking, “Obviously I’d love to step up my game at recruiting. But how?

I’m glad you asked.

One of the easiest and most important things you can do for your organization today is to tap the genius of your internal teams.

Recruitment is often handed off to HR professionals as if they could deal with it alone, but in reality, employees across all functions can and should participate in the process. Often the people with the best ideas for recruiting are your own employees. The people that are the best fit for your company know where to find more of themselves. Use them!

Create teams of your best employees, and have them brainstorm ideas about how to improve the process. This approach helps figure out what’s really happening and generates a range of potential solutions for you to pick from.

I once worked with a company that was opening a new facility in Texas far away from public transportation. We needed a hundred new employees but had no idea where to get them. If we couldn’t get enough quality employees, the next product launch couldn’t happen.

We made sure the current employees understood what was at stake and built teams to figure out some solutions. They generated lists of ideas about what to do, where to look for people and how to create transportation options. They even came up with better approaches to on-boarding and training so that the people we hired could get into place earlier and easier. The project was a huge success.

Ideal employees have the best ideas. But you never know what those ideas are until you ask.

Ready to step up your game?

Today’s tip was excerpted from my list of the 10 best practices for recruiting, selecting and on-boarding employees.

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Cheryl M Jekiel is the CEO of Lean Leadership Center which helps CEOs of innovative companies and organizations who view their people as a competitive advantage to weave Lean principles into the fabric of their company culture so they get sustainable, constantly improving results that exponentially change the business.

Ms Jekiel served as Vice President of Human Resources at Flying Food Group, LLC, and Chief Operating Officer at Parco Foods, LLC. Download a free copy of her report, “Ten Guidelines for Higher ROI from Continuous Improvement Initiatives.”