Performance Management, the Lean Way – PANEL DISCUSSION

Presented By:

Carrie Youngblood & Susan Kamacho

Session Abstract:

The Lean philosophy promotes identifying wastes, standardizing workflow, and process improvements.  What happens to the associate throughout this process?  How can we evaluate performance of our individuals while incorporating Lean philosophies with our teams?

This discussion will reflect upon Deming’s philosophies and how they can tie in directly with evaluation tools that support our Lean journey.  After reflecting on the points that support performance management, Susan and Carrie will explore the journey their respective organizations have taken in respect to evaluation tools and open the presentation to a panel discussion on this topic.

Learning Objectives: 

In this session you will learn …

  • How Deming’s philosophy ties into performance
  • What to consider for performance management as your organization journeys into a stronger Lean environment
  • The failures and successes other companies have seen along this journey
  • Items to consider as your organization creates a performance management system

About the Facilitator:

Carrie Youngblood is an instinctive and meticulous Lean human resources professional with 15 years’ experience in building strategic recruitment plans, impacting organizational initiatives with data driven decisions and development of internal talent by understanding workflow and organizational talent resources.