Lean People



October 24-25, 2017
Savannah, GA


Who Should Attend?

  • The Summit is designed by HR practitioners for HR practitioners. This is THE place for HR professionals to learn lean AND their role in supporting it.
  • Not in HR? That’s OK! HR needs allies in operations, continuous improvement, and senior management throughout the organization, so join us!

Takeaways Include:

  • Align Talent Strategies with the underlying skills required for a lean culture
  • Define a lean culture and learn specific steps to getting there
  • Develop Lean Leadership skills to all levels of the organization
  • Strengthen performance management programs to drive a lean culture
  • Align lean with effective Talent Strategy: Recruiting, training, performance management and reward systems.
  • Create effective change management and engagement strategies
  • Integrate Safety in all lean and people development strategies
  • Create effective Recruiting and Reward systems
  • Develop lasting Engagement

Cheryl Jekiel
Author “Lean HR”

“Wow Results” are possible in the lean enterprise, but what are the barriers that keep them from happening? Join Lean HR pioneer, Cheryl Jekiel, as she shares her latest findings and insights on the crucial value HR can bring to Lean initiatives.

Art Byrne
Author “Lean Turnaround”

HR’s role is to build current and future leaders, but what must you know to build “lean leaders?” Join the original “Lean CEO” from the The Wiremold Company where Art will explore leadership traits that are important to lean and different from traditional management.

Jamie Andrus
The Shingo Institute

Continuous Improvement activities can’t survive in isolation. It is increasingly clear that synergy between HR and CI is a crucial for creating and sustaining a culture of continuous improvement. Learn from Jamie’s insights from a Shingo Institute perspective on this partnership.